As an Animal Behaviour Consultant, Kelly Taylor - Saunders uses the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to create individualised programmes, that bring about long term behavioural change for horse and dog owners. Changing behaviour is not just about training though, you must support the animal in their environment first, to make sure that they are ready and able to learn new skills. By understanding your animal’s species specific behaviours (known as an ethogram), you can dramatically improve their welfare and wellbeing. 

Kelly offers crucial insight into animal behaviour and how animals learn. This includes understanding body language and how to identify changes in the environment, which may be contributing to the behaviours that you want to change. With Kelly’s careful coaching, you will begin to notice very subtle behavioural changes in your animal. Doing so, will let you see that behaviour is predictable and this is very empowering for owners. Kelly will coach you on the scientific principles that underpin how animals learn and will show you how to apply this knowledge to training sessions, that will create positive changes in your animal’s behaviour. 

Kelly offers a unique service called a Functional Behaviour Assessment and this is what truly sets her apart from other behaviourists. By identifying the true function (cause) of problem behaviours, you can teach safe, alternative behaviours, that allow the animal to achieve the same outcome. 

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